NTXPC Mission - Goals - Values


The mission of North Texas Premier Clubs (NTXPC) is to create a collaborative effort between member organizations to:

  • Integrate the Regional Premier League (NTX RPL) and the Red River NPL (RR NPL) and provide clear pathways into national competition
  • Create and maintain a league model focused on competition and player development that demonstrates a high level of organization scheduling based upon needs of the players and members
  • Establish and schedule a yearly cycle PDP that leads into US Club Soccer id2 that promotes player development and supplements the club environment
  • Utilize coaching development / education pathways through United Soccer Coaches and U.S. Soccer in addition to programming offered through NTXPC and/or the NPL
  • Identify and develop programming to enrich the North Texas soccer environment


Members of NTXPC benefit from a full calendar of components that reflect year-round programming offering opportunities to teams to prepare, train, compete, and advance to the highest levels available in the nation.

The Membership will fundamentally embody three unifying goals:

  • Provide a unified framework to address player development and competition needs of players

  • Connect the local and regional scope with the elements of the Mission and a national perspective

  • Provide Directors and Coaches a format to design and express technical and competitive needs from the membership


The NORTH TEXAS PREMIER CLUBS (NTXPC) Membership Program is a  platform  inside  of the U.S. Club Soccer infrastructure with values focused on collaboration to develop innovative programming each soccer calendar year for all NTXPC members focusing on:

 A shared passion amongst the members growing and cultivating the competition platforms

  • A commitment to produce a higher standard of player by investing in higher standards in coaching and managing

  • To support and foster a holistic approach to player development and parent education

  • The fidelity to cooperate and collaborate as clubs and coaches to bear long term interest for the game, clubs, and players

NTXPC Membership Benefits

  • National, Regional, and Cup pathways through league play

  • Leagues and Tournaments infrastructure that provides a competitive platform for all levels of play

  • Competition model focused on and driven by player development

  • Forum to provide feedback related to technical and competition elements via the NTXPC Advisory Council

  • Forum to provide feedback related to the foundation of NTXPC in its mission, goals, and values

  • U10 allowed to play up to U11

  • Development brackets offered for teams looking for the challenge of advanced competition by playing up in game format (implemented by U90C at the request of coaches/ teams)

  • Priority Status for Coach Conflicts in leagues & tournaments in the NTXPC Program

  • Digital Easy Check-in for all events

  • New to the Industry One-Time Check-In

  • In-house U.S. Cub Soccer Registrar

  • Communication through multiple channels – website, social media, email

  • Use of NTXPC logo on club website

  • Use of North Texas Regional Premier League (RPL) logo on club website

  • Eligibility for placement in RPL Future Nationals Division

  • Sports Fee & Registration Fee Insurance

NTXPC Soccer Season Timeline

League Play


  • The RED RIVER NPL is a Regional US Club Soccer National Premier League (NPL) featuring teams from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.


  • RED RIVER NPL teams have the opportunity to advance through the US Club Soccer Postseason Pathway: NPL West Playoffs (Boys) & NPL Finals (Girls).
  • RED RIVER NPL teams also have the opportunity to advance through the US Club Soccer TEXAS STATE CUP, Regional and National Cup events.
  • The RED RIVER NPL is also a Qualifying League for the Dallas International Girls Cup (DIGC).


  • The NORTH TEXAS REGIONAL PREMIER LEAGUE (NTX RPL) is a Regional US Club Soccer Competitive League featuring teams from multiple regions in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.


  • NTX RPL teams have the opportunity to advance through the US Club Soccer TEXAS STATE CUP, Regional and National Cup events.
  • NTX RPL serves as a promotion pathway into RED RIVER NPL for qualifying teams / clubs.
  • The NTX RPL is also a Qualifying League for the Dallas International Girls Cup (DIGC).

Tournament Calendar

Tournament Play

Professionally managed by U90C Sports offering multiple division Tournaments for ALL levels of competition within the U.S. Club Soccer infrastructure.

  • 14 Regional events hosted year-round in greater DFW and the Texas region.
  • Premier SuperCopa and SUPERCOPA+ are hosted annually as invitation only events for teams across the United States and various foreign countries.

No travel permission required for any teams participating in a U.S. Club sanctioned tournament

NTXPC Membership Application

Interested in Becoming a NTX Premier Club (NTXPC) Member?

A club may apply to become an NTXPC Member Club by completing the Application. As soccer has become increasingly difficult to navigate, becoming an NTXPC Member brings simplicity back to the game. The NTXPC provides a complete, year-around competition platform for your U6-U19 teams.